ELMO — Electric Carsharing Launching In Poland!

Nov/23 By

Carsharing has taken the world by storm and continues to grow at a rapid pace. Electric cars are even hotter. But Poland has been left out in the cold. There’s little opportunity to use a carsharing network in the country, and Poland has only a tiny electric car market. This is illogical for several reasons. Luckily, things are a changing, and several Polish leaders are looking to propel Poland to the front of the class in this young market.

A couple of Polish cities — Wrocław and Kraków — are persuading electric carsharing companies to launch within their borders. The Polish government has started prioritizing electric car adoption. EV battery giant LG Chem is even launching a large battery factory next to Wrocław. And CleanTechnica’s Cleantech Revolution Tour has arrived in Wrocław and is planned for other Polish cities.

As part of this, we are happy to announce that ELMO (Electric Mobility) is launching in Poland! We aim to more quickly bring electric carsharing to cities across the country. Stay tuned for more information and opportunities in the coming weeks.

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